Extending Learning

Accelerated Reading

Cliftonville Integrated PS is very proud to offer the Accelerated Reading programme to all pupils in P3 to P7. This highly motivational programme allows pupils to select and read books according to their own ability, thus promoting reading for pleasure. Books may be accessed from the class and school library and ebooks are available on the iPad. When pupils have finished reading, they complete online quizzes and earn points based on the percentage of correct answers they attain.

Accumulation of points result in prizes being received. Prizes are displayed in a glass cabinet located in the front foyer and children always enjoy selecting what their next prize will be! Prizes include stamper pencils, footballs, construction sets and even cinema tickets. Each month, a special assembly is held for those wishing to ‘cash in’ their points and selected prizes awarded. The programme has resulted in an increase in children’s reading scores.

Literacy Boxes

Pupils in Foundation Stage (P1 and P2) are provided with ‘Home Learning Literacy Boxes.’ The boxes contain ready-made games, puzzles and activities based around popular children’s stories. Parents are encouraged to use the boxes to provide a fun way of reinforcing early Literacy skills, developed in class.


All pupils have access to ‘Mathletics’, an online programme to reinforce and consolidate Numeracy skills. Mathletics covers all aspects of the curriculum and is individually tailored to each child’s strengths and weaknesses. Special achievement certificates for Mathletics are presented once a month in assembly.

Musical Opportunities

The children and staff are very proud to work alongside St Anne’s Cathedral as one of its specially selected choir schools. The Cathedral’s Music department has formed a strong relationship with Cliftonville and all pupils, from P1 to P7 , receive tuition from the Cathedral’s staff every week.

The Cathedral’s musical outreach support shares their expertise with the community and trains children to sing to a standard that allows them to become a member of the choir of St Anne’s Cathedral. At the end of each school year, all pupils from P3 to P7 perform for families and friends at St Anne’s Cathedral.

In addition, several classes in the school participate in ‘Music Makers’, run by The Belfast School for Music, when they learn and perform simple songs and accompaniments alongside other schools.

Guitar, violin and piano tuition is available for pupils in Key Stage Two after school for a nominal charge.