Mission Statement

Mission Statement

A concern to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment in which learning can take place and to encourage pupils to make the most of their own abilities and the opportunities offered to them during their years at Cliftonville.

Our Aims

The overall aims of the school, seeking to fulfill the demands of the Northern Ireland Curriculum are:

to provide an integrated learning environment where children of different religions, traditions, cultures and abilities are welcomed and treated equally;

to provide, within a caring atmosphere, a curriculum offering academic, social, physical, aesthetic, moral, emotional and spiritual learning opportunities;

to have an awareness of and interest in, the relevant factors external to school, which may have a bearing on a child's performance, achievement or behaviour at school;

to extend and develop pupils' knowledge as appropriate to their age and ability;

to encourage pupils to develop their skills, interests and abilities to their full potential;

to ascertain, record and celebrate the achievements of aIl pupils;

to encourage parents to accept and play a full, responsible role in the education of their children and to inform them of their progress.