Weekly Bulletin 10-10-18

Weekly Bulletin 10-10-18

Pedestrian Crossing

Our patrol woman has become concerned about a small number of parents who do not use the pedestrian crossing properly but take a risk – running with their children through traffic and not waiting for the cars to stop. We would encourage all adults to set a good example to their children and show them how to cross the road in the safest way possible.

Found Item

A pair of glasses were left in the Assembly Hall after Scouts on Monday. They can be obtained from the school office.

School Photographer

The school photographer from Tempest will be in school on Friday 9th November to take individual photographs.  More details will follow in the coming weeks.  We have also asked the photographer to take class photos and this will take place on Wednesday 17th October.

Money envelopes

The school office now stocks money envelopes. These little pouches are very useful when sending money into school – saving time in class and easily passed to the office.

They can be purchased in bundles of 10 for 20p. Just mark child’s name, class, amount within and reason for payment, e.g. After Schools or Dinners.

Harvest Collection

StoreHouse will once again be our chosen charity for a Harvest Collection. This charity helps the most vulnerable in society.  We would encourage families to donate food items.  A list of items will be contained within a separate letter next week.

Drop Off

Parents are reminded that school starts each day at 8:50am. Staff will be on duty from 8:40am to facilitate children entering the playground.  For parents who work or have other drop offs, we operate a Breakfast Club from 8:00am. The cost of Breakfast Club is £1.20 per day.

Pick Up

Please ensure that your child is collected promptly from school. An increasing number of parents are arriving late for After School clubs and end of day.  This causes stress for your child and disruption for the staff.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent/teacher interviews will take place week beginning Monday 22nd through to Friday 26th October 2018.

This is an important opportunity for you to discuss progress made, things to work on with your child and let your son/daughter know that you are interested and involved in their education. To accommodate these interviews, school will finish for all pupils at 1.00p.m. each day.

Lunch is available and will be served as normal. In addition, there will be no school bus.

No clubs will operate on this week, including 2-3 Club.

School Disco

The Parents, Friends and Teachers Association (PFTA) will be holding a school disco on Thursday 25th October from 6:00 to 7:30pm.

Remembrance Day

This November marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.  This sombre occasion is marked in different ways by many people throughout the world.  As an integrated school we would also like to mark this event in a unique way.  We will be asking our children to think about the sacrifices made during the Great War by many on both sides of our community.  In addition, we will mark the 100th anniversary by holding a short assembly and then releasing one hundred white balloons at 11:00am on either Friday 9th or Monday 12th November.  The release of the white balloons is to symbolise peace and hope.

See-Saw App

Over the past few weeks classes have begun rolling out See-Saw, an exciting app to parents. See-Saw is a simple way for teachers and pupils to record and share what is happening in the classroom.  We hope, by the end of 2018, all classes will be sharing experiences with you.  See-Saw is a closed group and therefore is a safe way to not only find out what your children are doing but also a great way to stay involved.