Weekly Bulletin 12-9-18

Weekly Bulletin 12-9-18

Birthday Cakes in school

Several pupils in school have a severe nut allergy and therefore birthday cakes cannot be brought into school. Commercially made cakes are made in factories where nuts and nut oils are present and so pose a danger to these children.  Please help us to keep them safe and do not send in cakes or buns.

Information Session

Towards the end of September all Parents/Guardians will be invited into school by the class teacher for information on the school year ahead.  It will be an opportunity for parents to receive general information butNOTa time to discuss individual pupils. More information will follow shortly from each of the class teachers.


Despite numerous notes on this issue last year, a number of children are still arriving late on a daily basis. As you know, the timings of the school had been adjusted at the start of the new academic year – 8.50am bell rings. Please ensure that children leave home in time to be in school before the bell rings. Parents are reminded that they must report to the school office if their child(ren) arrives late. The school will be working closely with the Education Welfare Service to look at measures to reduce lateness and these will be introduced in due course.

Parking Reminder

Congestion on the Cliftonville Road, both in the morning and again at home time, causes us great concern. Some people are parking up the kerb which can cause inconvenience and danger to pedestrians. We would ask that parents take this into consideration when parking. Thank you for your co-operation with this matter.

After schools clubs

As you know, these clubs will be starting over the next week or so.  This year, Scouts NI and Ju Jitsu will be run independently from school but will continue to use the school facilities.  Parents will have to complete information forms for the clubs, sharing information with the club providers.  Parents should liaise directly with the club leader.

Ju Jitsu

After-school Ju Jitsu classes start Thursday 20th September 3:00-4.10pm.

For further information please contact the club coach Alison McNeillyon 07753267187 or email alisonmcneilly@aol.com.

Scouts NI

Cub scouts will start on Monday 17th September – this will be a registration day.  Parents will have to attend to complete forms before their child can join this club.

Counselling Service

As you know, we have been working closely with Barnardo’s by providing a trained counsellor for children where required. This is always done with the full consent of those with parental responsibility. However, we are always looking at ways in which we can help the social and emotional well-being of all of our children. With this in mind, we have employed a Barnardo’s worker to operate a Lunchtime Drop-In each Tuesday for our P5-7 children. We are fully aware that our senior children may have worries that they would like to talk to someone about e.g. friendships, bullying, anxiety etc…  You will now have received a letter from Barnardo’s asking you to write back if you do not wish your child to be able to pop in and speak to the Barnardo’s counsellor. The nature of Drop-In is open as well as informal and is accessed at lunchtime from the playground so CIPS will not know in advance who would like to use it. It is extremely important that you return the slip at the bottom of the letter as soon as possible, if you do notwant your child to access this service.

National days this week

13thSeptember – In the USA this day is called National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

On this day children and young people are encouraged to make a meal for the family.

The campaign is aimed at promoting healthy eating and

‘family together’ time.