Weekly Bulletin 21-02-18

Weekly Bulletin 21-02-18

CIPS Weekly Bulletin

Thursday 22nd February 10:00am at Sacred Heart Church.

Breakfast Club
The fee for Breakfast Club will increase to £1.20 per day (£6 per week) from Tuesday 20th February to meet rising costs.

Appointments and Messages
From 12:30pm onwards there is only one member of staff manning the school office. Increasingly, there have been a number of parents phoning and asking to pass on messages to children or arriving to pick up children early. This can be very disruptive for the children and also raises safeguarding concerns if the secretary has to leave the office i.e. there is no-one manning the main entrance to the school.
We will always attempt to facilitate ‘emergency’ medical appointments and urgent messages but would ask parents to work with us on this. Please discuss and agree pick up arrangements at breakfast with your children. Pupils should only be removed from school for appointments in the case of acute medical need.
As part of our review, parents will now be asked to sign out the children and state the reason for doing so. The Senior Management of the school will review this on a regular basis.

100th Day of School
On Monday 26th February pupils will celebrate the 100th day of school. They will participate in a range of fun activities on the theme of 100 throughout the day.

Integration Month
March is Integration Month – we take the opportunity to celebrate our integrated status and explore and learn more about each other.
The theme this year is Everyone Outstanding and throughout the month we will be running special events, teaching lessons around our theme and having our celebration Breakfast and Assembly. Please note the following dates for your diary:
16th March – Integrated Breakfast
22nd March – European Food Tasting afternoon