Weekly Bulletin 6-12-17

Weekly Bulletin 6-12-17

Weekly News

A number of children are arriving before 8:30am each morning. Parents are reminded that no member of staff will be on duty before 8:45am.  It is important that children arrive punctually to school but parents should ensure that this is timed to coincide with staff being on duty.  The school cannot be held responsible when children arrive too early and we would ask for your co-operation on this.


Christmas Dinner

The school canteen will be holding Christmas Dinner tomorrow on Thursday 7th December.  Free school meals and special diets will be available as normal.  Any pupil who wishes to take dinner tomorrow should tell their teacher and bring £2.60.  Children are encouraged to wear a fun Christmas jumper to the canteen on Thursday 7th.


AQE/GL Assessments

During the past five weeks our Primary Seven children have been sitting tests. On top of this, they have put a mammoth effort into preparing for these tests both at home and in school. Saturday was the last of these tests and we just wanted to say well done to each and every child that sat either GL or AQE during the past month. We are all very proud of you and know that you will look forward to getting your weekends back.

After School Clubs P3 – P7

The last After School Club of 2017 will take place on Thursday 7th December.  This includes Multi Skills, Football, Drama, Dance, Good News, Film and JuJitsu.  Clubs will start again in the new year.


P7 Mass of Commitment

P7 RE pupils will walk from school to attend the Mass of Commitment at 10:00am at Sacred Heart.



On Tuesday 12th December Nursery will be visiting W5 Winter Wonderland. A week later the Nursery pupils will be singing Christmas Songs on Tuesday 19th December at 10:30am. Parents are warmly invited along to Nursery to Join in.


Nativity Play

Thursday 14th December 9:30am and Friday 15th December 9:30am – a separate letter has been sent home with your child(ren) today regarding arrangements for our Nativity Play.  We have had to limit the number of tickets to 2 per family for Health and Safety reasons.  We hope to review these arrangements next year and maximise the community’s involvement in our celebrations.

Winter Preparations

Please ensure that you keep school informed about any changes in contact details so that our computer system remains up to date should we need to contact parents at short notice due to bad weather during the winter period.

Open Night

Last Wednesday 29th November, we had our open day event. I am pleased to say that this was a huge success for the school with over one hundred parents touring the school. We are grateful to all the children that came back to school, either to sing or take part in the events around the classrooms. All applications for Primary One and Nursery intake for September 2018 must be received by Wednesday 10th January, before 12 noon. We have received more applications at this stage than this time last year and would urge parents to ensure that they have submitted their application promptly. Applications for both Nursery and Primary One can be downloaded from the EA website or collected in person at the school office.

Communities in Dialogue Event

Cliftonville Integrated hosted a community event last Friday 1st December that looked at a range of issues around how we treat each other as human beings. This event was very well supported by schools, Belfast City Council, community organisations, religious groups, political representatives, the PSNI as well as our children, parents and Governors. Our gratitude to the Integration Education Fund for sponsoring this very worthwhile event.

Road Crossing Patrol

There will be no patrolperson on the morning of Monday 11th December 2017. Parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that their children arrive safely to school.

Please ensure that you either see your child(ren) safely across the road on 11th December or make other arrangements to ensure they arrive safely to school. The patrolperson will be in attendance as normal in the afternoon.

**Date Reminders**

School will close for the Christmas holidays on Thursday 21st December 2017 at 12.00 p.m. (No dinners will be served on this date). School will re-open on Friday 5th January 2018 at the usual time.



The date and time for Confirmation at Sacred Heart has been set for Thursday 22nd February 2018 10:00am.